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Teeth Bleaching or Whitening

There are a multitude of teeth bleaching or whitening products available over the counter and some are safe to use and some work better than others. It can be very confusing so we hope to provide you with some information so that you can make the best choice for your needs.

Most teeth whitening products contain either carbamideperoxide or hydrogen peroxide as the active ingredient.  The results vary according to the concentration of peroxide and the duration and method of application.  The products that are dispensed at a dental office have a higher concentration of peroxide than is available over the counter.  This means that you will generally get a better result with office whitening products than with over the counter products.  More importantly, we supervise the process and do a thorough examination beforehand to determine that you can whiten your teeth safely and with minimal discomfort. Sometimes bleaching your teeth will cause some tooth sensitivity and should be avoided if you have overly sensitive teeth to begin with.

     We have different options available for whitening including an in-office procedure for immediate results, a take home procedure where you dispense the whitening material using custom made whitening trays, or a combination of both procedures which gives the best results.