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Composite or White Fillings

We routinely use composite or white fillings in our dental restorations as they have several advantages over silver or amalgam fillings.

Composite or white fillings actually bond to the tooth structure making the tooth stronger. They are easier to repair if they chip or break.  Often, we can repair the filling without having to remove all of the previous filling that was originally placed.  For new cavities on teeth that have never been filled before, we do not need to remove any of the healthy tooth structure in order to place a white filling so the procedure is less invasive. The most obvious advantage is that is it more aesthetically pleasing and natural looking.

Root Canal Therapy

     Root canal treatment has often been viewed as an uncomfortable procedure when in fact that is not always the case. Root canal therapy can often be performed comfortably without much discomfort and it can allow you to keep a tooth that would otherwise have to be removed and then ultimately replaced.

     An Endodontist is a root canal specialist and it is sometimes necessary to refer patients to a specialist when the roots of the tooth in question are somehow curved or abnormally difficult to treat but most root canal therapy can be treated in our office without a problem.

Porcelain Crowns

Crowns are traditionally made with metal and porcelain. The metal surrounds the tooth to give it strength and then the porcelain is bonded over the metal to make it look more natural. These types of crowns work very well and we continue to use them today for areas in the back of the mouth where the force from biting is very strong. For those who grind their teeth, these types of crowns will usually be a better choice.

Sometimes there is a visible dark line showing at the gum line which can be quite unsettling especially if it is a tooth that shows when you smile. However, with all porcelain crowns we can eliminate the greyness from the metal and get a more natural, life-like color in the porcelain. Today all porcelain crowns are stronger than before which gives us more flexibility in where we can place them. The result is a crown that truly matches the rest of your teeth and will have you smiling once again.