Dentist in Saint John


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We offer state of the art dentistry using the latest in dental technology:

Digital X-ray:
Using digital sensors rather than traditional dental films allows us to reduce your exposure and provides us with better diagnostic images. It also eliminates the need for processing chemicals and helps us save the environment.

Computerized Dental Rooms:
Monitors in each dental room provide you with better diagnosis, demonstration and visualization.

Fast and effective sterilization techniques are used for your protection. All instruments are sterilized using a Statim, a machine that uses high temperature and pressure to ensure 100% sterilization.

Ultra Sonic Scalers:
An Ultra Sonic scaling device is sometimes used to remove tough coffee/tea stains that are difficult to remove by hand scaling for a more effective result. It functions by vibration and water to loosen and remove the buildups.

Zoom Advanced Power Whitening:
High beam light activated bleaching material can make your teeth whiter immediately. This is an in office procedure that usually takes about an hour.

Intra Oral Camera
Intra Oral cameras provide the patient with an in depth view of the inside of their oral cavity and patients can better visualize any problem areas as well as their overall oral health.