Dentist in Saint John


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Digital X-Rays

On your first visit to our dental office we will take a series of digital dental radiographs or x-rays that help us to determine the health of your teeth as well as the bone surrounding your teeth. We will take 'bitewing' x-rays that are valuable in giving us information about possible cavities in between the teeth that we cannot see just by looking inside your mouth. We use these original x-rays as a baseline to determine your overall dental health and as a comparison for future visits. These digital x-rays are updated, as needed, on subsequent dental visits.

Our dental x-rays are now digital, the latest in dental technology, and are automatically stored in our system when they are taken. There is less radiation exposure needed in order to get an image and it gives us a unique view of your teeth. Digital x-rays also eliminate the need for harsh processing chemicals.

Your digital x-rays are immediately viewable on the computer monitors so you can see exactly where any problem areas are and helps you to understand and actively make decisions about your dental care. If you have any questions regarding our digital dental x-rays please don't hesitate to ask our knowledgeable staff.